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Web Design &

We build websites that are unique to your business. Our solutions for blogging, e-commerce, and CRM are tailored to meet your needs.


Content Management Systems such as Joomla! & Wordpress allow for quick provisioning of sites that are suitable for clients to manage for themselves.

A CMS based website is suitable for most small to medium businesses, social organisations and educational organisations.

Most clients find that if they are comfortable using MS Office and/or phone and tablet apps then they can easily get to grips with the authoring process of their own website.

Bespoke Build

Credible Systems provide bespoke websites to cater for a variety needs.  We have built websites for organisations of all sizes, from the 'one-man-band' to UK High Street banks.

A bespoke build is exactly that. We can take your design ideas, provide feedback and steering as well as graphical design support to help take your design draft to a complete working prototype ready for your final content and images.

The overall build and design takes longer than via a CMS platform - but provides the greatest fidelity with approved designs. 

Due to its bespoke nature, clients without an in-house development team will either need a maintenance & support contract with us to update the website or engage a 3rd party to assist in this regard.

Big or small? Old or new? All websites developed by Credible Systems include; 1 years Domain Name (, SSL Certificate, Cookie Banner and Basic Training for managing your site once the work is done.



This is a simple web presence - a 'brochure' site. Aimed at the client with content that is mostly static and infrequently updated

Pages: Up to 6
Build time: approx a week
Hosting: £14.99 annually




For sites with more content and functionality, imagery, blogs etc. Typically the content here is updated regularly

Pages: Up to 15
Duration: 2-4 weeks
Hosting: £14.99 annually


£ ?

Bespoke website to your requirements, including e-commerce

Complex build
100% customisable
Assistance with design specs
Fully documented deliverables

Need help?

Get in touch with our
sales/support team

Recent sites

  • Santander Careers Websites Since 2010

    Credible Systems have enjoyed a long relationship with Santander, creating, managing and maintaining several key careers websites that drive the engagement of suitable candidates both externally and internally.

    These sites often interface with the clients Applicant Tracking Systems to ensure a seamless and efficient candidate journey.

  • U Fit Studio

    A website for a Leicester based fitness studio with a unique culture and a verifiable track record of helping people acheive their goals. The content was honed from an original concept, with several iterations of visual imagery, Multiple landing pages were created for concurrent or overlapping campaigns specifically to work with a digital marketing consultancy.
  • Digital Feminism Archive

    A website detailing a digital feminism led by Dr. Kaitlynn Mendes; an Associate Professor in the School of Media, Communication and Sociology at the University of Leicester.

    Showing examples of digital feminism in action, the completed project is updated by the researchers themselves after a short training period, and will represent a snapshot archive of digital feminism.

  • Santander Early in Career

    Credible Systems have enjoyed a long relationship with Santander, and have built & maintained Santanders Early in careers websites targeting School leavers, apprentices and internships.


    What are the terms of service

    You can find our hosting specific terms of service here

    GDPR Compliance

    If the Cookie Banner doesn't suffice, we offer a GDPR Compliant Cookie Solution from just £10p/m.

    Burst Cache Hosting

    Our Hosting is with Rochen, the same people that host so they know a thing or two about hosting Joomla websites. Most websites share the resources of a single server with other websites. When lots of these sites are busy they can use all the available resources causing all sites on the same server to slow down or become unreachable. So we offer advanced hosting with guaranteed processor and memory allocation - we call this Burst Cache Hosting at £150 annually.


    How do you work?

    We will discuss your requirements with you fully to understand your needs. We will ask lots of questions! This is to make sure we CAN help you and that we are the right people to help you. Be assured, if we are not sure we can deliver just what you want, we'll point you somewhere that can.

    When do I pay?

    For all site builds except Bespoke we accept payment upon completion, for Bespoke builds we arrange a 50-50 split payment; the first after initial planning, and the final amount upon completion.

    What now?

    Worried about your website once we hand over 'the keys'? We have compiled training material for various types of website and offer 1-to-1 Training Sessions via Skype. We also offer a couple of support options which can be seen below:


    Change requests, new features, pages, content or images etc

    Pre Paid

    Our most popular support method: pre-paid hourly support each month.  As much as 25% cheaper than PAYG

    • Fixed spend:  min 1hr/month for 6months or 1 year

    • Additional Add-on hours allow you to increase your plan to meet your needs

    • Easy change request process
    • Deal directly with the support team
    • Time logging
    • Itemised reporting
    • Agreed billing cycles

    Need more hours?

    E.g You Pre Pay for 2hrs / month for 6 months (12 hrs).  But use 12 hours by month 4, you can either:

    • Extend your Pre Pay contract for the same period

    • Switch to PAYG for the remainder of the period

    • Then renew your pre paid contract at the renewal date/switch to PAYG

    Pay as You Go

    Ad Hoc support, content changes, such as new pages, products, text and photo edits, can be made to your site for a flat rate

    • As few or as many hours as you like
    • Easy change request process
    • Deal directly with the support team
    • Time logging
    • Itemised reporting
    • Monthly billing

    Need to lower costs?

    PAYG billing is the easiest most convenient method, but what if you find yourself using it consistently?

    • You can always switch to Pre Paid for fixed costs

    • Switch at beginning of next month

    Peace of mind

    All sites are vulnerable to malicious attack.
    Credible will keep your website as secure as possible.

    Includes RSFirewall (valued at £45)

    All prices include VAT




    • Firewall Updates and Permissions
    • Traffic Blocking Rules
    • Joomla / Wordpress Core Updates
    • Security Fixes
    • Component Updates


    • Site Backups & Restore
    • Malware Scanning
    • SEO Audit
    • Uptime Reports & Activity Logs
    • PHP & Database Maintenance

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