What does a website project with us look like?

Mark Thurman
30 August 2020
Reading time: 4 mins

Inevitably, a website project brings people together to discuss (or argue about) the very subjective matter of website design.  Our experience is that large project meetings do best when they focus hard on responsibilities, actions and timelines.  Things that are actionable and measurable.  Whereas the usually more enjoyable tasks of discussing how it should look and 'feel' are best left to a much smaller team.

Either way, we are all going to get to know each other much better!

One thing we've learnt from developing websites is that familiarity breeds...well, if not contempt, then at least an over familiarity with the design. When this happens, change for the sake of change becomes an attractive proposition.

For this reason once a design is agreed, we find that it is better for a client to see progress only when we are approaching the final stages of the project.  The realisation of our efforts stay fresh and the risk of getting mired in expensive change requests is largely reduced.  

What now?

If you are looking at a new website or perhaps a redesign of an existing website, you can contact us for advice and a quote using the contact form via the big red button...

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