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Mark Thurman
13 October 2020

Adjusting to the New Normal

Today, as we stare a 2nd wave in the face, all businesses are reviewing their working practices to mitigate the risk of future lockdowns in the wake of recent tightening of Government advice regarding Covid-19

Over the next few weeks, Credible Systems, with the help of Your Herefordshires #SupportLocal scheme, will be sharing some tips for reducing the impact of Covid on your small business.

The uncertainty of the last 6 months and the likelihood of possibly another 12 months disruption to business means that your response to the Covid crisis is more important than ever. 

We’ll be looking at websites, your potential new customers first stop when looking at your business and also at some software tools that will help you work more efficiently in this ‘New Normal’

About us

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Credible Systems was founded in 2008 with the aim of helping organisations improve through the correct use of technology and experience earnt in the world of enterprise sized technology projects. 

If your business is still able to provide services or products despite a lockdown then you are among the fortunate. Highest amongst your concerns will probably be the following: (These are quicklinks to content below)

A detailed breakdown of how this can be acheived is beyond the scope of this article, and is frankly different for every business, but hopefully you will see how achievable it is.

The focus will be on modern digital technologies and how they can help as opposed to how they work.  No dry lectures here.

The wellbeing of your staff and their families

Obviously, when the guidelines require it your staff and yourself should work from home if at all possible. The Zoho Suite of tools provides a number of point solutions (single applications) and suites of tools to do just this.  In fact Zoho themselves migrated all 8000 of their workforce to remote worker status in just 3 days. 

Here are a few examples, there are many more.

All of these tools are designed to work together or alone.  So, for example, from within CRM whilst checking on the status of a client or a deal you can initiate a chat with your sales manager about the deal or invite the client to a web meeting with a single click.

Being a cloud based suite of tools with no installation required, ALL Zoho apps are suitable for working from home or on the go. Many come with a companion app for Andriod or iOS.

Running your business efficiently

A major step towards running your business efficently is to ensure that you have a single point of control for all your leads and customer information.  This is what is called a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM.

When your prospect information (leads) and existing customer information (Clients/Accounts) are managed securely and centrally they can provide a single point of truth about that entity across many other parts of your business.  

If a client or supplier changes address for instance, why would you want to update that address in your contacts,  finance, reporting, marketing and stock control systems? With Zoho CRM as your Single Point of Truth you can update once and share that change across the entire ecosystem of applications.

This integration runs through the heart of the Zoho Suite...

  • Launch virtual meetings with a client from CRM?
  • View and create Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders within CRM?
  • Securely share your client email communications with peers or direct reports?
  • Send Emails, Documents and Meeting requests directly from CRM?
  • Integrate with Project tracking and project billing?
  • Integrate with Email Campaigns and Track effectiveness?
  • This list barely scratches the surface as Zoho CRM integrates with many Zoho apps & a long list of 3rd party apps such as Google/Microsoft.

As does the automation of specific workflow tasks,
e.g. emailing new prospects gathered at a trade show.

  • Automatically create new lead and contact records from Web Forms, Email plugins and Website ChatBots?
  • Schedule, events and record updates based upon custom criteria automatically?
  • Create custom workflows to ensure consistency
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Expanding a pipeline of new business

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Web Forms

Web forms allow you to collect accurate prospect and customer information with consent.  This can be added directly to CRM. The authorisation of new records can be a requirement.

An illustration of a woman interacting with a chat bot on a website

Chat Bots

An expanding area of data collection.  Be aware of who is hittimng your website, allow them to chat with a bot or with a human representative.  Collected details are reviewed and added to CRM.

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Add Prospects and Customer details directly from your email client, saving copy/paste and reducing errors.

An illustration of a man working with spreadsheet data


Add existing customer detail from spreadsheets and databases directly into CRM vai their guided import procedure.

Our experience is that this process, while invaluable, will make you ask questions about your data you may not have considered before.


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Other CRM?

Already use a CRM system that you are unsatified with?  Zoho will help you migrate this datafor free!

1. Import from all these sources, and more, into Zoho CRM

An illustration of a woman working with multiple data sources around a core set

2. Let Zoho CRM become your  'Single Point of Truth' for Customer Data & 'Related Data'

An illustration of two people working on a project

Projects & Deals

Track deal progress, associate client contacts with deals. Use tasks/events and meetings to progress the sale forwards
A man working with notes

Customer Notes

Add notes to every client, contact or deal for simple headline sharing
An illustration of a man working with email data

Shared Emails

Securely share your emails between you and the customer with your colleagues. Give them the full picture, even when you are on holiday.
A pic of a mobile phone with tasks

Tasks, Events, Reminders

The engine room of business processes.
An image representing finances of a business

Finance Data

Keep a close on on your pipeline of opportunities, spot revenue gaps and star performers in your sales team
An imag eof a man with a dashboard showing lots of data in nice graphs


This powerful analytics engine allows reporting on any aspect of Zoho CRM data. Create Dashboard, share with other departments and schedule reports on LIVE data.
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And so much more...

Workflow automation, digital document signing, data security and much, much more...

Got questions?

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