We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes

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Mark Thurman
15 April 2021
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We all make mistakes

20 20 hingsight arrives when it arrives.  Sometimes we realise in our older years that something we did or thought as a much younger person was just plain dumb.  Sometimes that process only takes a few weeks.

Is this just a slighly long winded way of saying that recently I said something dumb?

Except, yes it is!

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Lets wind back the clock...
to less than 1 month ago when I was blathering on about the various merits of Content Management Systems and Website builders...
Kudos if you went back and read that last blog post, but if not, here is the bit where I summarise the various types of website from handbuilt, sitebuilder and regular ol' CMS

Build from scratch

Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and build your site from scratch.   What do you mean, you dont want to do this!  Okay!  Luckily we already did the legwork on this and can build you a bespoke site if you wish.


Webflow is a new builder system that outputs very clean, correct HTML and CSS and also has CMS functionality built into it with its ability to define collections.  This is the ONLY builder tool we know of that allows you to build a bespoke site that at the code level actually looks correct, efficient and supports very nearly of the CSS possibilities that the CSS3 specification contains.


For us, this currently represents the best of both worlds.  Yootheme is a page builder tool that works within the two most popular CRM frameworks out there today, Wordpress and Joomla.  

So you have all the power and flexibility of a CMS but with the Themese, layouts, elements and shallow learning curve of a Builder tool.

Standalone site builders are fine for the very simplest of websites, especially when you don't anticipate growth or aditional features. However they incur a monthly cost that will likely eclipse the hosting cost of a CMS site within 3 or 4 months.

A solution with a CMS component such as webflow still incurs a monthly cost for hosting but is a step in the right direction and a platform we are watching closely as it is amazing.

As of today though, we feel that the sweetspot currently sits with a combination of a CMS and a page builder (works exactly like the website builder). This allows us to build sites quickly and present them to you, the client, in a way that allows easy ongoing ownership and management. If you can drag and drop, and use simple software you can manage one of our CMS/Yootheme sites easily.


I included the Webflow platform more for completeness than anything else. That was a dumb move.

A few weeks later and many many hours of full on 'down the rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland' exploration and I am now forced to reconsider...

Mistakes were made. Those responsible have been punished.

We are so impressed that we will be transitioning many of our websites to Webflow going forwards and as for new opportunities? We'll be positioning Webflow as a our solution of choice for all projects.
Perhaps now we can draw a line under this episode?

That's better

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